Piano Maintenance:

Tuning: Concert tuning in your home the old fashioned way! No electronic devices used. The pitch of your piano is set to a tuning fork. The intervals of your piano are adjusted with a concert temperament that uses 3rds, 4ths, 5ths, 6ths, octaves and 10ths as checks. Guaranteed to make you sound better without practice. Tuning includes examination of strings, hammers, bass and treble bridges, plate,
soundboard, back and regulation of the pedals.

Rebuilding: Restore the tone and touch of your instrument. New piano wires vibrate free of rust and saves you the cost of replacing strings one at a time. New hammers have the shape and weight that will bring out the musical potential of your older piano. Have your cracked bridges and soundboard repaired for structural integrity or have your piano keys recovered for a smooth and even feel.

Repair: Get that sticky key working again so you can get on with life! Have your piano keyboard regulated to restore the touch and get control of your technique. Have those foreign objects removed from your piano before they break something.

Recorded Music for Sale:
Available now! A.M. in O.C. Solo Piano for the Soul.
A collection of 12 original piano pieces written by Andrew Marks. A.M. in O.C., Solo Piano For The Soul was recorded for the people of southern California. It celebrates the natural beauty that surrounds us and calls to us to slow down and enjoy it.


Solo Jazz Piano:
1. Have Andrew perform on the piano at your home or event.
2. Have Andrew provide a digital piano & sound system where no piano is available.

Jazz Duo:
Add a second instrument to your event. Choose from bass, flute, sax, guitar or a female Jazz vocalist.

Jazz Trio:
Enjoy the sounds of traditional Jazz trio music. Create your own Jazz club setting with the energetic combination of sounds created by a swing’n piano, bass and drums

Jazz Quartet:
Go for the big ensemble sound of a Jazz quartet by adding another instrument to the sound of the trio. Choose from sax, trumpet, guitar, trombone or female vocalist.

Piano Lessons:
Specializing in Technique and Music Theory