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Helping piano players improve and maintain the touch, tone and tuning of their pianos since 1980. Serving the repair and rebuilding needs of clients from Pasadena to San Clemente and Palos Verdes to Lake Arrowhead. Why tune? Tuning a piano to A440 ensures good ear training as well as better tone and allows the piano to be played with recorded music or other instruments. Why tune? Pianos are designed to maintain the 20 tons of tension, spread across their iron plates by the combined pull of 220 steel strings, but can not stay in tune by themselves. Pianos, like people, are under constant stress. Without regular tuning the string tension will not remain balanced and in addition to sounding unplayable, the plate and bridges may crack.

Why tune? Protect your investment.
Why tune? You want yourself, or the ones you love, to succeed! If you want yourself or your loved ones to stop playing, if you want them to fail in their effort to learn how to play the piano, do not tune the instrument.

No one wants to play one thats out of tune.